About Finn Maids

Finn Maids was founded in 1996. , Finn Maids still continues to grow at rate of 1.8 times the industry average per year, with near future plans to expand to other territories in Canada.

Our strong commitment to provide affordable, quality maid service that our customers can trust has had outstanding results.

It has accumulated the referral rate of 62%, as more and more of our customers are referring Finn Maids to their friends and colleagues.

Our Training:

Being the best takes a great attitude. It also takes thorough and formal training. We carefully screen potential employees and check all references. We believe in the "fresh" approach in our training. Only inexperienced but promising applicants who enjoy cleaning will be selected.

The Finn Maids new employee training program is the longest in the industry. Every new team member is required to complete one week of technical and two weeks of practical sessions alongside an experienced supervisor.

We use the most comprehensive technology in our training. Finn Maids team members are trained to clean properly; from top to bottom.

Our Equipment:

It takes Top-of-the-Line equipment to get the job done effectively and without "cutting corners". Traditional vacuums leak tiny particles from every seam during operation. They also do not work effectively in hard to reach places such as stairs, behind furniture, under beds, etc...

Our state-of-the-art European vacuums employ an ingenious low output, hypoallergenic six filter system. They remove dirt, contaminants and pet related allergens down to 1/368th the diameter of a human hair.

Our high-tech back pack vacuums are beneficial for our customers suffering from asthma and allergic reactions. Finn Maids is committed to ensure that the air our customers breathe in their homes is cleaner and healthier for them and their families.

We’re Bonded:

Who can you trust to go into every room in your home when you're not there? Finn Maids is your answer.

Many homeowners are not aware of their potential personal liability for work-related injury and social security taxes for independent home-service workers. The Finn Maids insurance is the best available. We’re bonded and have crime/liability insurance ($2,000,000), employee accident coverage and we remit all taxes.

We treat your home with the greatest care. That’s why the majority of our clients trust us with the key to their homes. We use the proven lock box system to safeguard the security of your home. Only an experienced supervisor has access to your key on the date of your scheduled cleaning. At the end of the day, the supervisor returns the key back to the office, where management returns it to the safety lock box.

We’re Dependable:

You can trust Finn Maids to arrive as promised. In addition to cleaning experience, we also have years of scheduling experience. Your team arrives on your scheduled cleaning day in a company vehicle with sanitized cleaning equipment and supplies.

We Care... treating your home as gently as if it were our own, providing you with the best possible clean every time.