Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your employees bonded and insured?

Yes! Our insurance is the best available. We are bonded and also have $2,000,000 crime/liability insurance. Prior hiring, we also check references and conduct a police background check on each individual.

2. Are we asked to sign a contract?

Finn Maids does not use contracts. We always provide references when meeting with you. We depend on your candid evaluation of our service and still believe in the good "old fashioned" handshake. Our commitment to you is to provide you with hassle free, high quality maid service and a pleasant experience.

3. What will Finn Maids do in my home?

Our 27-Step Deep Cleaning System® is designed to provide you with a systematic, consistent and high quality deep clean every time. We can also customize our cleaning system to accommodate your special needs.

4. Do we have to be home when you clean?

The majority of our clients give us a key. In most cases it is not possible to provide a specific time for us to be at your home. If you choose not to provide us a key and we are unable to access your home for a scheduled cleaning, you may incur a lockout charge.

5. Am I potentially liable for any work-related injuries or taxes?

Finn Maids employees are full time workers. We handle all payroll, social security taxes and Workers Compensation insurance.

6. Do we need to provide any supplies or equipment?

Finn Maids will always arrive to your home with our own cleaning equipment and supplies. Our products are safe.

7. Will we always have the same persons cleaning our home?

Yes. Finn Maids will have a regularly assigned team to service your home.

8. Are all the team members trained and supervised?

Our training is the longest in the industry. At all times every team is supervised by an experienced Supervisor. The Supervisor is aware of particulars in your home that are important to you. The Supervisor not only works to keep other team members on task, but also double-checks that all work is performed to our highest standards.